Nature: River of No Return, Wednesday, Apr. 18

Otter and pup, courtesy PBS


Friendly Rating: All ages

Safety Rating: Some dead animals and the blood left after a kill might be upsetting for the very young

Quality Rating: Charming and life-affirming

Episode airs tonight on PBS, check your local listings for times.

There’s just something very special about a couple who share a passion and in this episode of Nature, we have Isaac and Bjornen Babcock who spent a year living in, researching and filming the Frank Church – River of No Return wilderness in Idaho. He called it their honeymoon and she was okay with that.

But what started out as a romantic adventure ended up testing the couple far more than they thought possible, and even though the narration is very focused on their impressions of the moments and about the wilderness, itself, you get little hints about the people making this film.

There is not a lot of hard predation in the film, although you do see the bloody aftermath of a wolves’ meal – namely the blood, there wasn’t anything else left behind. And there are a couple dead animals. But there are some great tales, such as an elk protecting her injured friend from an attack by wolves. The otters and their joy. It’s just a really beautiful and compelling film about a very wild place and the thoughts and observations of a young couple dealing with it and a far greater trial that Bjornen faces, having recently been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. It’s well worth checking out.


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