Divine Women Kicks off on BBC World News, Friday, Mar. 14

Divine Women

Bettany Hughes, courtesy BBC World News


Who will want to watch? - Older elementary age, particularly girls

How safe is it? - Some ancient genitalia and discussion of anatomy

How good is it? - I’m feeling my inner-goddess

Three part mini-series on BBC World News premieres tonight (3/14) at 8:10 p.m. 

BBC World News is probably one of those obscure channels buried among all your favorites, but it’s certainly worth a look, especially because of this mini-series. Historian Bettany Hughes is rather all over the place, looking at divine images of women from throughout history and pre-history.

Turns out, the first deity worshiped by humans was female.

It’s a fascinating documentary, even if it feels like Hughes is pushing her point a little too hard. Still, it’s one of those parts of history that tends to get overlooked and needs to be told. And the doc moves well and avoids repetitious shot. Better yet, Hughes gets as into the story telling as possible.

So, assuming you can find the channel, give this one a shot and have fun.

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