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What You Need To Know When Choosing An Auditing Firm

A credible auditing firm can bring light to inconsistencies and paved way to positive changes in a company. However, scouting for a good one is not that easy. Should you be looking for a credible auditing firm to conduct your company’s auditing, you might need to check out these factors to ease the search.

  • Years of experience

Experienced audit firms in Abu Dhabi are able to withstand the test of mind and the changes in the industry. The wealth of experience speaks for their ability to handle a variety of clients over the years. Some clients look at this criterion since the impression that long established companies are more knowledgeable in the field of auditing. It wouldn’t hurt to check if the auditing company you are vying for have been operating for the long time. But do not take off the new ones on your list. You just have to be more cautious on checking new auditing company and focused more on other criteria.


  • Reputation and standing

Apart from the wealth of experience, you need to check the company’s standing in the industry. Are they involved in anything malicious and scandalous? Are their clients satisfied with their service? You need to get the opinion of other parties to confirm the reputation of the auditing company you are looking to hire. You can either confirm with associations they are affiliated with. You can also check with their former clients if the auditing service the company provided is remarkable and commendable.


  • Expertise in your field

Auditing firms handle various industries in their line of service. When you are scouting for an auditing firm for your company, you need to check whether they are knowledgeable on your industry. Each industry has their own auditing needs and there is no one-for-all solution when it comes to auditing. If you hire an auditing firm that has no knowledge on systems and processes of your company. With proper knowledge, the auditing firm will be able to conduct proper auditing and give solid assessment on systems and processes that needs to be audited.


  • Communication skills

Auditors should not only be good on auditing, but also knows how to relay their finding well. If they are not able to relay these findings properly, there might be some confusion amongst the personnel reading the audit report. Another negative impact of not relaying the audited information well is that it might taint the transparency and credibility of the report.


  • Accuracy and Transparency

One of the main traits of a credible auditing firm is being accurate with their work. You have to remember that audit reports will be the basis of enhancement and improvement of the company. If the report is not accurate or not complete, then it might affect any changes that the company will implement based on the audit report.

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