4 Simple Tricks To Keep Flies Away From Your Home

House flies may be considered as a harmless species as they don’t bite or cause physical damage to a person or a property. But the health concerns that these pests can bring is severe. House flies are known carriers of a lot of diseases like typhoid fever, cholera, and dysentery. And in worse case scenarios, house flies infestation can lead a salmonella outbreak and spread parasitic worms that can be fatal to the host.


Flies control should be a top priority for homeowners, especially if their property and health are at stake. If you are having problems with repelling and controlling house flies infestation at your home, here are some tips that they can follow:


  1. Tidy up your place


The first thing that you need to do to get rid of pests like house flies to keep your space clean at all times. Flies are easily attracted to the smell of food and produce, whether they are fresh or not. Be sure to store your food in close and tight containers. When it comes to your house garbage, put them on closed garbage bins and plastics. After cooking or preparing meals, clean up the kitchen space immediately. Leaving your kitchen messy would only give these pests an opportunity to spread disease in your home. A clean and sanitized home is


  1. Block their entrance


Pest control experts say that the best way to repel house flies is to block their entrance at your property. One way to do this is to install screens in your windows and doors. But it is also a must that you keep your doors and windows shut at all time to prevent even a single entry. One fly can breed thousands of eggs, and if not prevented, they can start breeding inside your property which can be a big problem.


  1. Use home remedies


Homemade concoctions for pest control has been around for generations and they work wonderfully, especially for small cases of fly infestations. For prevention, you can hang a ribbon sprayed with Eucalyptus oil in your doors and windows. You can also use a jar filled with a mixture of sugar and water. The sweet scent will attract the flies. To prevent them from flying out, put a paper tunnel on the opening of the jar.


  1. Try mechanical means

There are also mechanical means of eradicating flies inside your home. You can use fly swatter and fly stick paper to kill and traps these pests. You can also try ultra violet lamps/traps outside your property to kill these house flies.


  1. Call an exterminator


In severe cases of house fly infestation, it would be best to call a reputable pest control in Abu Dhabi. Pest control companies have the manpower, the expertise, and the equipment to solve severe infestation of flies and any pests.