Tips to help you choose the right voice over recording equipment

Picking the right voice over recording equipment is extremely important if you truly want your studio to do well by delivering top quality services. No matter what sort of digital media you are recording for, be it cartoons, websites, movies or any other form of media, the one thing for sure is that the recording should be of the best quality.

Amongst some of the best microphones that are available these days for the purpose of voice recording, the one that truly stands out as the best is that of the Shure SM57 which has a huge A81WS windshield. The best thing about this amplifier is that it is properly directional and can shut out sounds from all other sources, except for that that is coming in from in front of the receiver. The best bits that can be recorded using this particular microphone are those that have a more so non-broadcast nature. This includes store announcements, greetings and phone messages.

A less expensive option that is available these days for the same purpose is the Electrovoice CO4 which is fundamentally the same in terms of its appearance to the former option. However, this one has an more so extended response that can go as high as 18kHz. This model will cost you just 50% of what a SM57 will cost, but it still has the potential to deliver great sound definition and clarity. It is for this reason that this microphone is so commonly used by  voice over studios in dubai these days.

Acoustics happen to be yet another imperative element that assists in getting the perfect voice over recording experience. There are different means by which you can enhance the acoustic setting of a room. This is done in order to enhance the overall sound clarity and determination and furthermore shut out both background and external sounds. Coating the dividers of your studio with 40 x 40cm foam based acoustic tiles is one of the best means of getting rid of resonance. It is now also possible for you to make use of the SE Electronics Reflexion channel. It can additionally be put to use to enhance sound retention when recording Indian voice over artists for the projects you have acquired, but it is best for you to refrain from expecting a hundred percent result out of this.

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