17 interesting facts about digestive system

Digestive system is one of the most important system of the body. It is the core of everything related to the stomach. Read below to know about it 

  • Stomach is not an important organ of digestive system. It does not digest most if the body, instead, small intestine plays an important role. It digests the food and turns the food into the size of a molecule. 
  • Small intestine is not small at all. It is as big as tennis court because of having villi and foldings which increase its area. 
  • You don’t need gravity to digest your food because there is peristalsis. Your esophagus sends the food down by pushing It down. This pushing is called peristalsis. Therefore, even if you would hang yourself down,  your food will be digested. 
  • Animals have different kinds of stomach. Some have compartments in stomach like cows and giraffe and some do not have stomach. They have specialized small intestine.
  • Fart is the product of swollen air and gases made during fermentation of bacteria in large intestine. Some food cannot be digested due to which they move to large intestine where bacteria work on it and release different gases from food which mix with the air and smell like a rotten egg. 
  • A ideal weighed or healthy person produces 32 ounces or wings of saliva everyday. It is equal to two cans of soda. 
  • There has gut-brain axis. Therefore, stress, emotions and disorders affect the formation. 
  • There is nervous system in brain called entering nervous system. 
  • Cleaning detergents of your clothes have same enzymes which your digestive system have. 
  • Your stomach growl all the time but it growls loudly when there is not good to churn and mule it. 
  • You do not have healthy bacteria to digest food when you were born. 
  • You burp to release extra air who h you have taken in the form of drinks and foods. 
  • Hiccup is caused jumping if food into windpipe but it can be caused by change in temperature. 
  • It takes seven second to send food down from esophagus to stomach. 
  • Digestive system is 30 feet long from mouth to Anya. 
  • Your stomach protects itself from itself. It produces HCL or hydrochloric acid to breakdown food but it also produces mucus to protect the walls from HCL. 
  • Your mouth is responsible to carry out 50 percent or half if the digestion. 

These are few facts of digestive system. If your food is digested well, then your everything is healthy. On the other hand, if you are facing reproductive health concerns, then it is best for you to visit a PCOS specialist in Dubai. You can also opt for vaginoplasty near me if that’s what interests you.