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Facts About Eating Disorders

This is the kind of disorder that when a person is sad, he/she eats to suppress their feelings. But just like every other thing, this disorder also has some interesting facts and stats of its own and one of many facts is that there are 70 million people in the world that are currently suffering from this disorder and 50 million of them are women and 20 million of them are men. This article is not a gender discriminator but it only depends on facts and stats, moving forward, men and women who have severe eating disorder, they develop this disorder at the age of 15 years to 19 years of age. You can get the best eating disorder treatment in Dubai. Stats also say that since 1930, the number of people becoming a victim of this disorders have increased up to 40 percent.

A normal or a wholesome meal of the day and night contain 1500 to 3000 calories and a person who is suffering from this disease, eats more than 50,000 calories a day. And their everyday food contains pizzas, burgers, potato and every other kind of food that has fatty calories in them. You must be wondering how people can afford so much of food, well, there are different countries who provide stipends to kids on monthly basis till the time they start earning and they never earn because they get enough from the govt. And that is why they spend on food and they don’t work and they result in eating all day and lying around the house. You can hire the best anxiety specialist in Dubai.

There are different people who suffer from this disorder, some of them just eat the junk food like we mentioned above and some of them like to have food made at home. People who eat junk food are very less likely to ever end this disorder while the people who cook at home still have double the chances of getting over this disorder. There are many cases of this disorder when people have reported that they were first suffering from depression due to different reasons and their only way to get rid of depression was eating. And if they didn’t eat when they felt sad or they were feeling low, they would hurt themselves and that is why food is a savior for them.

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