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    Safety Precautions You Should Invest In

    With news about violence and viciousness being shown on TV and social media, it is hard not to get concerned. You might also want to include accidents can took lives of many. With all these things going on, you have to ensure that the safety of your loved one is priority at all times. Aside from the usual safety rules and guidelines that you have, you might need to take your safe measures to the next level by doing the following: Boost privacy in your home Residential residence are targets of burglars and stalkers. This might be because the property is not secured enough from the prying eyes outside the…

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  • Cleaning Services

    Modern Trends In Recycling And Waste Management

    You may have heard about recycling, but did you that it is going to change our lives as we know it. Though not a new concept, recycling in it is a fascinating term coined to denote stuff we can use multiple times without letting it go waste. From papers to cardboards, wood and metal, the process of recycling can be used to bring several types of materials into reusable form. However, where some materials can be used and reused, some will not be manufactured and will be let go after some time. In other words, recycling is going to allow humans to only use materials that are environment friendly. No…

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  • Business Services

    Read This Before Starting A Business

    Have you ever thought about starting own business? There are several benefits of having one. Not only you will be the in charge of all the good and bads related to the business, you will also not have to listen to others apart from suggestions. Think about it, being in total command of your own startup is a feeling like no other. You earn all the profit and spend it as you like, expand the business when you want without anyone questioning its veracity. This is not the case when you are employed at some workplace as you are liable to explain almost everything to the hierarchy. In short, starting…

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  • Business Services

    Economic impact of aviation in Dubai

    The aviation sector in Dubai has been steadily developing over the years gaining a larger percentage of contribution to the transportation sector revenues. According to a report by KMPG, the aviation sector contributed $3.7 billion of the total GDP in 2013 a figure which has been on the rise since. This article looks at how it has impacted the economy in the country. Direct impacts The direct impacts are the results from its operations in the local landscape. As of a report filed in 2013, the Dubai aviation sector employed more than 60 000 people and only about 6 000 of these were employed at the airports. The next year,…

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  • Transportation

    Transports role in the future economies of the world

    Across time and geography, transport has been the base on which growth and innovation sit. The 18-century expansion of the US railways system fed the passion for expanding boundaries around the globe. Companies were been able to risk traveling further into the jungle by getting insurance. In this century, we are hit with the realization that expansion must eventually come to an end. We begin to feel the limits of our resources and geography especially in the face of massive population growth, changing demographics which imply changing needs (which are in effect harder to meet) and environmental concerns such as global warming. The global transport system has been evolving fast…

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  • Travel and Tourism


    Traveling to Dubai almost inevitably means visiting at least one shopping mall. Frequenting shopping malls or at least visiting one of them is on a must list during your stay in Dubai. It is not only touristic habit, but surveys show that shoppers from all over the Middle East come to Dubai especially for shopping. There are several reasons for that. In the basis of this widely spread habit all over UAE lies the fact that the climate is now very suitable for shopping avenues where you could nonchalantly walk around, stop in front of shopping windows, stop for a coffee or lunch. Constantly sunny weather and summer temperatures that…