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    Facts About Eating Disorders

    This is the kind of disorder that when a person is sad, he/she eats to suppress their feelings. But just like every other thing, this disorder also has some interesting facts and stats of its own and one of many facts is that there are 70 million people in the world that are currently suffering from this disorder and 50 million of them are women and 20 million of them are men. This article is not a gender discriminator but it only depends on facts and stats, moving forward, men and women who have severe eating disorder, they develop this disorder at the age of 15 years to 19 years…

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    How to find the best dental clinics?

    Finding the best dental facility to ensure your oral hygiene is not a walk in the park. You must consider yourself lucky if you were able to find a great medical facility for your dental issues in the first go. Many others are not that lucky and often fall prey to the least experienced dentists and the most unprofessional dental clinics. Therefore, you must be absolutely sure about various aspects before finally deciding to choose a certain dental facility to cater to your oral hygiene requirements. Now you can enjoy access to the American dental in Abu Dhabi by using the attached link and booking your appointment. Let’s take a…

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    Detailed Information for Those Who Are New to iBraces

    iBraces are also called lingual braces. These are given to patients who do not want to bear the pain and discomfort of traditional braces. These are fairly different considering the fact that they are placed at the back of your teeth and cannot be seen when you talk or eat. It is a unique choice, because you are able to smile with confidence even during your treatment. iBraces are custom made, which guarantees that you would be having a convenient and comfortable treatment experience.   iBraces are fairly popular these days and people generally prefer them for the comfort that they offer. The treatment through these lasts around 12 to…

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