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Detailed Information for Those Who Are New to iBraces

iBraces are also called lingual braces. These are given to patients who do not want to bear the pain and discomfort of traditional braces. These are fairly different considering the fact that they are placed at the back of your teeth and cannot be seen when you talk or eat. It is a unique choice, because you are able to smile with confidence even during your treatment. iBraces are custom made, which guarantees that you would be having a convenient and comfortable treatment experience.


iBraces are fairly popular these days and people generally prefer them for the comfort that they offer. The treatment through these lasts around 12 to 16 months, but it can extend a bit, depending upon the condition of your teeth. To better the overall look of your teeth, the dentist might also recommend veneers Dubai.


Lingual braces have the same brackets as the ones in regular braces. However, the only difference is that these are placed inside the mouth of the patient. The reason behind their popularity is that they are completely invisible, thereby making it easy for you to mingle in your social circle, without getting embarrassed about your braces. The metal wires in these braces are located at the bottom of the mouth, which creates more comfort for your cheeks. However, it does tend to get rather distressing for your tongue. The sharp edges of the wire and the brackets hit the tongue and might injure it a bit. The pain caused by the installation of iBraces lasts for around a week or so, but your doctor will provide you with a dental wax to be put onto the sharp edges so as to reduce the pain and discomfort.


The procedure for getting iBraces is not all that extensive. First of all, the orthodontist takes the measurements of your teeth so that he can prepare the wire and the brackets. They place a plastic tray in your mouth so that the lingual braces can easily get bonded with your teeth. Your orthodontist would initially make sure that your mouth is dry and would then apply two coats of bonding agent on your teeth. Now, in the lower and upper arch, the he would place a tray for around 3 to 4 minutes, and then remove it to install the brackets. Find more information about this to learn more in this regard.


Once your iBraces are installed, you need to make sure that you brush them daily so that plaque does not form over them. Good oral hygiene, as you know, is extremely important. You must additionally ensure that you do not push them with your tongue. At times, you might find it hard to speak while wearing these braces, but the final results of your treatment would make the entire experience worth it!

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