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5 Inexpensive Camera Hacks That Can Improve Your Picture Composition

Aspiring photographers always find it hard to cope with the demands of the competitive industry due to lack of funds and equipment. To improve their craft, they need to invest in tools and gears which are usually costly.


If you are keen on pursuing a career in photography, you can employ these genius but inexpensive camera hacks to improve the quality of your shots.


  1. Use a fish tanks for underwater shots


Underwater cameras and photo equipment can be expensive, especially for people who are just starting to build their careers in photographer. If you are short on funds, but needed an underwater shot, you can use your fish tank. Simply dry the fish tank and place your camera in the center. Slowly dip the tank in the water and focus on your subject and get your best shot. But you need to remember that there are limitations to this trick. You cannot put the fish tank under the water all the way since it is not waterproof.

  1. Try textured and patterned linens and cardboard for background


Big photo studios invest on expensive backgrounds for their photo shoots. But people who are just building their portfolio, they can simply use materials that they used in their art class in Dubai. A patterned or textured cardboard can be an inexpensive alternative to big cloth background used in photo shoots. You can also use linens and other art materials as substitutes.


  1. Use plastic bags as softbox


The function of a softbox is to modify the studio lights once it hits the subject, giving a soft feel on the composition of the photo. A normal photo studio setup has a couple of softbox installed in different angles. But if you don’t have the budget yet to purchase a softbox or you need to modify the flash while you are on the go, simply put a white plastic bag in the flash and do some test shot. You can also use a clear plastic bag to achieve a hazy-looking composition. Simply put some Vaseline on the clear plastic and put it on top of the lens.


  1. Use your desktop background as a background


Photography classes in Dubai encourage their students to be more creative in their composition, especially for indoor shoots of static objects. Aside from textured linens and cardboard, you can also take advantage of your desktop background. Choose a pattern desktop background and placed your subject in front of the screen. Be sure to blur the background’s perspective to get a good effect.

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