Budget Friendly Team Building Activities

Over the time, we have come across the conventional saying that team building activities are a waste of time and spoil the work decorum. However, this bad reputation is the result of rumours spread by those who prefer robots more than humans. Even the robots require periodic charging and fixing.

The best thing about these activities is, there isn’t any rule or law to over spend to bring your team members together. You can spend from a few bucks to absolutely nothing. In fact, you can squeeze into the normal work routine without missing your precious work day. Yet your profits are guaranteed. For corporate team building in Dubai which involves less spending you can follow these ideas.

Me Too!

This is an interesting game that won’t require you to leave the office premises or spend out of your pocket. It will also serve as an exercise for all the employees to get them moving. Here each person has a ball of yarn handed to him/her. One person begins by telling something interesting about him. Like anyone who has done inflatable obstacle course hire can shout out the fun fact about him. Anyone else who has the same passion or interest or has been hired for the same task can shout Me Too! The first person would hand down his yarn to him with one end of the thread with him. At the end there will be colourful threads joining all the employees with each other. This way everyone would get to know the other and there will be a sense of belonging and connectivity in the room.


This game would get everyone into tears. Tears of laughter. Here one person whispers something into the ear of the other. And whatever the person hears, he/she passes it on to the other. This way at the end the last person would tell what he heard, and you will see how the initial sentence changed into something else. The complete changing of the sentence into one that may sound senseless gets everyone laughing.

So, the bottom line is, it isn’t the budget or time that should dictate the office culture. It is the other way around. The office culture is accruing for your business and makes the workers spend their time more productively. Build your team and your business will flourish on its own.

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