Reasons for companies to consider setting up their very own business blogs

Content is king – this is a general belief on which the entire SEO phenomena is based. For this reason, it is extremely important for one to come up with high quality and engaging content at all times so that it can be distributed to content marketing purposes. The best part about doing so is that you would get to acquire high quality backlinks on to your website and would be able to portray your company as a professional in the field. This way, your website is also going to acquire a major boost in its search engine rankings. However, if you think that the creation of spammy or sales-y content and having it published all over the internet is going to help you out, you sure are wrong! The thing is that Google has started hating websites that make use of low quality content in order to gain visibility.


For this reason, it is safe to deduce that as a company, it is best for you to come up with your very own company blog and market it through options like LinkedIn marketing. See the basic thing here is that if you run a company blog, there aren’t many chances that Google would consider the content placed over it as spam. However, it would reduce your websites ranking if you instead write cheap quality articles and submit them to various websites. The thing with company blogs is that these can easily get ranked high in search engines and have the potential to drive a whole lot of traffic on to your main website.


A major benefit that is offered by company blogs is that they make it possible for you to focus on particular keywords and phrases in all of your posts. This means that if you think certain keywords lack usage over your website, you could actually stir them into the content of your blog. You would actually be in a position to target a plethora of different keywords that are associated to your website. What you need to acknowledge is the fact that these blogs have the tendency to become the voice and personality of your business as a whole. Through these, you would be in a better position to communicate with your customers and target audiences. This ‘conversation’ also has the potential to impact your sales, which is why it is necessary for you to indulge in it.


Through your company blog, you would be able to inform your customers and audience about latest updates and news associated with your company. This can also be done by means of press releases written by seo experts, but writing them and then distributing them is going to take days and days. Instead of waiting so long for the procedure to get done with, it is best for you to just place the news and updates of your business on to your website. The news and updates that you would place on your blog are going to go live instantly and would gain immense visibility for your website.