PBS Pledge Drive Time, Wednesday, Mar. 7

Idina Menzel, courtesy PBS

Lots of concerts and really cool stuff on PBS these next couple weeks. The catch? Lots of requests for your contributions.

Given that PBS routinely offers the best in children’s programming, not to mention lots of other interesting stuff, like NOVA and Nature, I think it’s worth supporting my local PBS station. People do complain about all the Sesame Street merchandising, but those toy sales do support the show, ultimately, rather than the show being all about the toys like a certain other network I could be mentioning.

Whether you decide this is worth it to you is your decision. That being said, this is one of those times of year when the stations have to do the asking and when the network pulls out some of its coolest shows, like Idina Menzel Live: Barefoot at the Symphony that’s being promoted for tonight.

Your kids might be interested because Menzel plays that teacher on Glee who adopted Quinn’s baby and is Rachel birth mother, so it’s a great opportunity for them to see Menzel really going to town – and she is amazing. The catch is, I don’t know what time it’s going to be on your local station or even if it will be on. Actually, that can be a problem with anything that’s PBS, since each station is independently run. But it’s really bad during pledge drives. Obviously, each station is going to put on what their local viewers/potential supporters are most likely to enjoy.

So there you have it.

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